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Are You Looking for Natural Thyroid Supplements or a Prescription Thyroid Alternative?

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comprehensive and Guaranteed Effective: 
My Natural Thyroid Thyrodex Supplements Support Free T3 and Free T4, Optimal TSH Levels, Metabolism and Energy.*

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Armour Thyroid alternative.

  • My Natural Thyroid - Thyrodex T-100
    LESS THAN 50 CENTS PER DAY! My Natural Thyroid - Thyrodex T-100 provides GUARANTEED EFFECTIVE raw thyroid support for your Free T3, Free T4, TSH, metabolism and energy levels.
  • My Natural Thyroid - Thyrodex T-150
    LESS THAN 50 CENTS PER DAY! My Natural Thyroid Thyrodex T-150 provides GUARANTEED EFFECTIVE raw thyroid, vitamins and minerals to support your metabolism and energy.
  • Thyroxodine Iodine Supplement
    Thyroxodine Iodine Supplement is a liquid organic iodine supplement that supports normal thyroid hormone production.
  • My Natural Thyroid ThyroMedica Plus
    ThyroMedica Plus features targeted nutrients and herbs that support healthy natural thyroid function and facilitate the expression of thyroid hormone genes in the body.
  • Natural Sources Raw Thyroid
    Learn more about Natural Sources Raw Thyroid - What's in it? How do you know if raw thyroid is working? How do you monitor your response?
  • Natural Thyroid Hormone

Support your thyroid and energy for less than 50 cents per day.

That's less than a cup of coffee!

Thyrodex T-100 and T-150 raw natural thyroid is only available through health care professional offices and the NuMedica manufacturer website.

Click on the following link to order directly from the manufacturer and have your natural thyroid delivered to your door.
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To order online click on the following link, then click on the Nutrition tab.

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"I’d been taking Synthroid for my thyroid for years, but was still experiencing low thyroid symptoms. Adding My Natural Thyroid 100 to my regimen has helped alleviate the symptoms that my prescription couldn’t touch. Thanks!"

Sharla B.,
Mustang, OK

"When I was diagonised with low thyroid I started taking My Natural Thyroid 100. At one time my doctor wanted me to try traditional medication (Synthroid) which didn't work. My Natural Thyroid 100 keeps my body working without side effects. Natural medications are the best for the body, and I thank you for taking care of me. I would encourage anyone who is having thyroid problems to consult with Keith and get on a natural health care plan.  Sincerely,"  


Linda M.,

Mustang, OK