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Natural Sources Raw Thyroid

Natural Sources Raw Thyroid - Very Effective

Natural Sources Raw Thyroid is available with out a prescription.Glandular extracts provide natural sources raw thyroid in capsule or tablet form. Raw thyroid extracts provide very effective metabolism support.

Doctors have been successfully prescribing prescription raw thyroid for many, many years. The creation of Rx Synthroid in the 70's decreased prescriptions for raw thyroid including the Armour and Westhroid brands. Synthroid was not better. The drug company just spent more money educating doctors on how to diagnose low thyroid and how to write for their product. Synthroid was NOT a better product, just better marketing.

Raw thyroid extracts contain thyroid gland from animals. It is unknown how much thyroid hormone Free T3 and Free T4 are in nonprescription supplement products. To be able to sell raw thyroid without prescription the manufacturers do not test their products.

Even though these products have not been tested they are very effective. I have used these products in my practice since 1998 with great success. They are so effective you should monitor your blood levels of Free T3, Free T4 and TSH to make sure you do not become hyperthyroid.

The doses of natural sources of raw thyroid provided can be adjusted up or down based on your thyroid blood test and thyroid symptoms. Some people need to take raw thyroid 100 mg ½ tablet or 1 whole tablet, while others need to take raw thyroid 150 mg 1 capsule daily.

All natural sources of raw thyroid should be taken with water on an empty stomach, 60 minutes before breakfast, each morning. Minerals from food and vitamin supplements including calcium and magnesium will bind to some of the thyroid hormone in the stomach and decrease the effectiveness of your raw thyroid.

You may take natural sources of raw thyroid with black coffee or tea. But the minerals in creamer, most soy and nut milks, cream or milk may bind with the thyroid hormone and decrease the absorption and effectiveness and therefore should be avoided at the same time you take raw thyroid.

If you cannot take natural sources of raw thyroid 60 minutes prior to breakfast you should wait at least 2 hours after breakfast but no closer than an hour before lunch. I do not recommend taking raw thyroid after lunch. Your increased energy production from the thyroid may keep you from going to sleep or sleeping soundly.

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"I’d been taking Synthroid for my thyroid for years, but was still experiencing low thyroid symptoms. Adding My Natural Thyroid 100 to my regimen has helped alleviate the symptoms that my prescription couldn’t touch. Thanks!"

Sharla B.,
Mustang, OK

"When I was diagonised with low thyroid I started taking My Natural Thyroid 100. At one time my doctor wanted me to try traditional medication (Synthroid) which didn't work. My Natural Thyroid 100 keeps my body working without side effects. Natural medications are the best for the body, and I thank you for taking care of me. I would encourage anyone who is having thyroid problems to consult with Keith and get on a natural health care plan.  Sincerely,"  


Linda M.,

Mustang, OK